Solutions – Hot Air Return

If your data centre is fitted with a ceiling plenum, using the hot air return system might be the best option for you to duct the air back to the air-handling units. Using this system, like cold aisle containment, separates the hot and cold air, eliminating air recirculation in the aisle.
Our design is a non intrusive and easy to fit solution which provides data centre managers with the ability to re-organise and expand facilities in line with business requirements.

hot aisle room Solutions   Hot Air Return

Similar benefits accrue from hot air containment as for cold air containment. In fact hot air containment can be even more efficient than cold air containment, but with some loss of flexibility.

All Nubis systems are designed to maximise the performance, uptime and life expectancy of your IT equipment whilst reducing operating costs.

carbon trust Solutions   Hot Air ReturnEnergy Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your existing equipment with a more energy efficient version. This means an immediate benefit from carbon, energy and cost savings. Nubis Solutions can provide details of Carbon Trust interest-free loans and assist you in completing your application.

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