Cold Aisle Containment – The Cost Benefit Case

Key Cost Benefits of Cold Aisle Containment:

  1. Savings of between 10 and 30% of the current operational cost of building cooling systems supporting data centres.
  2. Full return on investment in ~9 months is highly achievable just from power savings.
  3. Increased capability to utilise available rack-space where, previously, cooling inhibited the use. Postponing the
    acquisition of new space can have a major cost benefit.
  4. Power savings on room hardware (servers, switches, routers, etc) and extended equipment life spans.
  5. Financial benefit from reduced carbon emissions associated with running the data centre.

Sample Cost Benefit Case

This example is based on modelling the following scenario:

  • A single site, 100 cabinet computer room
  • A reasonably efficient data centre with a PUE of 2.0 and cooling consuming 36% of the overall facility power
  • An assumption that 20% of the cooling costs will be saved by deploying Cold Aisle Containment
  • Investment in the solution is depreciated over 7 years.

cac Cold Aisle Containment   The Cost Benefit Case


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