Cold Aisle Containment – Implementation & Support


After the initial engagement with a client who is then keen in principle to pursue this solution, we follow the following step by step process:

Initial Data Centre Inspection

We visit the data centre with our client to gain an overview of the facility and the services it supports. This enables us to agree the scope, which may be staged to include an initial pilot / proof of concept. We would also gain an overview of what level of capability and granularity currently exists to measure power usage and to what extent the client has already been able to assess data centre Power Usage Effectiveness.

Environmental Survey

Our engineers carry out a standard Environmental Survey comprising:

  • Room assessment and layout plan
  • Thermal imaging photos of each aisle
  • Air velocity pressure survey (airflow through each 600×600 vented floor tile)
  • Temperature and humidity check at low, medium and high levels on each aisle
  • In and out temperature and humidity check on the air conditioning units.
envirosurvey Cold Aisle Containment   Implementation & Support

Recommendation & Proposal

We now have the information we need to design and cost the solution, predict with a high confidence level the scale of savings that the solution will generate and produce a formal written proposal for our client based on a compelling cost benefit case and suggested implementation timetable.

Following client approval, we proceed to detailed measurement, design and implementation while, in parallel, developing a benefits realisation strategy with our client.

Non-disruptive Installation

Although the installation is completely non-intrusive to the operating environment, we respect our clients’ wishes with respect to scheduling the work at a convenient time in line with their established change control procedures. All work is carried out to our rigorous standards and procedures which include post implementation review.

Benefits Realisation

The benefits realisation strategy should include an agreed fit for purpose baseline which already exists or can be measured prior to installation. During and following installation a set of actions should be agreed relating to airflow balancing and air conditioning unit temperature settings. This will enable the baseline to be reset at the end of the project and for accurate assessment to be made of the ongoing power savings that will accrue and the effective additional data centre capacity that has been generated.

Ongoing Service Agreement

We offer all our clients an optional ongoing post implementation service agreement which is summarised below.

Six Monthly On-site Survey:

  1. Aisle temperature and humidity readings (high aisle levels)
  2. Vented floor tile airflow readings
  3. Thermal imaging readings
  4. Low density area recommendations for future equipment expansion
  5. Reduced response time for maintenance call-outs from five days to 48 hours
  6. Professional cleaning of roof panels and sliding doors
  7. Maintenance health check on the Cold Aisle Containment installation
  8. Updates on TIA942 standard and carbon trust
  9. Technical support e-mail help line
  10. A full written and visual report.

Once your installation is complete, Nubis aims to provide the highest standard of aftercare. Our Service Agreement gives you peace of mind for the future.

Data rooms are regularly updated with new servers and other active equipment. Engineers may not replace blanking panels or close doors properly, and these minor omissions can have a significant effect on your data room environment and costs.

Our written and visual report will detail the key measurements of the health and efficiency of your data centre cooling. Any additional recommendations to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint will be highlighted and discussed with you.


carbon trust Cold Aisle Containment   Implementation & SupportEnergy Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your existing equipment with a more energy efficient version. This means an immediate benefit from carbon, energy and cost savings. Nubis Solutions can provide details of Carbon Trust interest-free loans and assist you in completing your application.