Services – Design & Project Management Consultancy


We offer our clients a comprehensive range of data centre professional services including:

  • Commissioning new data centre facilities to either
    support expanding IT capacity requirements or to
    replace current premises no longer fit for purpose
  • Optimisation of plant and machinery solutions to
    support current and future data centre IT capacity
  • Efficient layout and distribution of IT equipment within
    the data centre, covering current and future
    business needs, IT technology trends and their
    implication on future data centre capacity requirements
  • Non-disruptive migration of existing IT services to a
    new facility

For Data Centre New Builds

design and project 1 Services   Design & Project Management Consultancy

For Existing Data Centres

table4 Services   Design & Project Management Consultancy

Non-disruptive overhaul of current data centre facilities and occupancy to increase their power usage effectiveness (PUE) and consequently their effective capacity and life expectancy.

In order to provide a comprehensive range of specialist services we have a portfolio of trusted partners we team with to ensure market leading experience and expertise are leveraged to achieve optimal solutions for our clients.

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