Nubis launch new Motorised Door Containment Solution

In the interests of providing additional technology to support containment solutions, Nubis Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the new motorised door containment solution. This solution can be integrated in to existing solutions and supplied with new containment packages. This has been designed to add security to the individual aisles as well as provide an ease of entry whilst working with heavy items.

The solution is controlled via an integral track motor which can be operated with all forms of access control. This is supplied in its standard format with a push button entry system on the front and rear of the doors, however this could be partnered with an electronic keypad or proximity card solution. The design of this motor has been focused on the least amount of power consumption required with the highest level of reliability. The total power draw for operating these doors would be less than 1 amp and could be connected via any type of connection method including individual connection plug in an IEC or BS4343 format for client installation or hardwired to a fused spur if preferred. The motor has been designed to lock the doors when power is not supplied via a switch or access control device thus preventing the need for independent supplementary magnetic locks.

In the interest of safety, the Nubis motorised door package is supplied with a pressure sensor to prevent injury if the doors are closed on an obstruction. The doors will approach the obstruction and on contact will release and enter safety mode. If the obstruction is a solid object and is not removed, the system will detect this and will close up to the obstruction to prevent air loss where possible.

The system can also be supplied with a battery back-up solution if required, however for safety reasons if there is a power failure the motor will release its hold on the doors allowing simple slide access.

This new solution can be supported by the Nubis aftercare package and full support contracts can be supplied.

Key benefits

  • High quality reliable solution
  • Low power consumption
  • Retro fit solution
  • Low noise motors
  • Compatible with access control solutions
  • Internal cable routing system
  • Safety closure system.


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