Clear Path. September 2009

Clear path provide no floor level obstructions when you enter or exit the aisle through the sliding doors. We have a heavy-duty track system on the bottom of the doors to maintain rigidity but doesn’t impede into the aisle walkways

Water Fire Suppression Roof Panels. June 2009

We have designed a system that releases our roof panels at a temperature 58oc (sprinklers are normally set to release at 70oc). This will allow the sprinklers to distribute water into the aisle without the added cost of altering your current systems.

Gas Fire Suppression Roof Panels. June 2009

To maintain positive pressure in the aisle we encase the edging of our roof panels with a rubber gasket to ensure an airtight seal. We also include a twist lock fixing to hold the panel in place in the event of the gas system discharge. All the panels are quick and easy to remove for a single person and allow full access to room facilities above the cabinets.

Room Lighting Levels. May 2009

All of our roofing panels maintain a high level of light (LUX). We design all of our roofing system to suit the current room layout so you don’t have the added cost of introducing extra lighting to the aisles.