Accessories – Temperature & Humidity Monitoring


Nubis Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Units are available in 4 models, equipped with 2, 8, 16 or 24 ports for environmental monitoring. Each port can monitor a temperature/humidity probe, and from that probe a further 2 alarm sensors can be monitored. The design provides excellent scalability and flexibility, with the 24-port unit able to monitor up to 24 temperature/humidity sensors and up to 48 alarm sensors.

Continuity strategy is the implementation of an effective monitoring and alerting system – designed to increase availability and gives data centre managers the maximum time to address potential or actual failures. Air-conditioning failure, water ingress, fire, power failures and physical security breaches are some examples of the many potential problems that seriously threaten the integrity of hardware and data.

In situations where rooms are unmanned for any length of time, especially at weekends and overnight, these problems can, if left unattended, result in significant downtime and cost. Our units provide an advanced, yet uncomplicated solution to data centre room early-warning alarm notification. Environmental conditions can be monitored and logged, alarm thresholds configured, and automated early-warning alerts delivered to key IT personnel via telephone voice messages, SMS, email, web browser and SNMP traps. An Alarm Beacon/Sounder option is also available for on-site visual and audible alerts if required.

The units are simple to install, and easy to use. The device can be monitored using a web browser, Telnet or Network Management System using SNMP.

accessories temp humidity1 Accessories   Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
accessories temp humidity2 Accessories   Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Automatic switching/control of associated local devices during crisis conditions is also possible, as is extensive logging of data centre conditions for pro-active analysis and fault-finding. Cat5 cable connects the unit’s RJ45 environmental ports and temperature/humidity probes. This makes it easy to locate all sensors and re-locate them if required.

Alert Centre

Using an environmental monitoring system is a step forward in terms of providing useful information about in-room and in-rack conditions. But critical to the value of the system is its ability to deliver early-warning alerts, and in particular, voice alerts, to key personnel 24/7.

alertcentre Accessories   Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The Alert Centre works in conjunction with the monitoring unit to deliver the alerts.

  • Voice, SMS & Emails delivered to up to 6 personnel
  • Escalation procedure to assist alarm management
  • Online access/management of personnel contact
    details, etc.
  • Online event log history – track and alert from start to
    finish (e.g. who responded to an alarm and when)
  • Annual subscription free for the first year with the 24
    port Pro (UK only).

InterSeptor Pro – Specifications

interseptor pro Accessories   Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

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