Accessories – Security

Nubis can supply various security products to enhance the access security and provide audit trails of access within IT suites.

Security Locks

Security can be a major concern when protecting your IT equipment. Our locking systems range from stand alone to fully integrated building management system (BMS) units giving you access control.

securitylocks Accessories   Security

HID Swipe Cards

Issuing people with their own key cards gives the administrator full control over who has access and to which areas in your building/room/aisle and cabinets. This system offers card key registration, event auditing and remote access for one off authorisation. The system also comes with access control software.

swipecard Accessories   Security

Key Pad

This system offers the same flexibility as the swipe card but without the overhead of issuing cards. Each user can have a unique private key number, giving the administrator granular control over access requirements.

keypad Accessories   Security

Keyed Lock

Standard key locks can also be supplied giving quick and easy security to each aisle. This is supplied as single point locking with two master keys.