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An introduction

Nubis design, build and install bespoke data centre solutions to reduce costs, optimise performance and minimise carbon footprint.

Nubis Solutions work with leading data centre infrastructure and IT equipment manufacturers to keep our thinking cutting edge. We strive to meet emerging technical requirements with innovative solutions for established facilities and new builds.

Our team of industry experts delivers advice on the most effective way to implement industry best practice with an extensive range of products and services. Our knowledge and techniques help make data centre environments more stable, controllable and efficient.

Cold Aisle Containment

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Cold Aisle Containment is a low cost, high value approach in increasing the effectiveness of your current cooling systems and reducing operating costs.

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Hot Aisle Containment

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If your data centre is fitted with a ceiling plenum, using an air return system may be the best option for you to control your room temperatures and reducing operating costs.

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PUE Survey

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Nubis can help you select and install sensors to record key metrics. We can then advise on how to adjust elements of the data centre infrastructure to enhance efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and save costs.

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Environmental Survey

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Nubis conducts a detailed survey of your data room, illustrating the air flows, temperatures and humidity readings. We then give you a clear understanding of how Aisle Containment could save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, we can also advise you where to make room improvements and best practises.

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Latest News

Product Update

At Nubis we constantly look at our ranges to see where we can make product improvement.

Nubis launch new Motorised Door Containment Solution

In the interests of providing additional technology to support containment solutions, Nubis Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the new motorised door containment solution

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Experian Case Study

Experian is a leading global information services company that provides data and analytical tools to clients in 90 countries. Nubis was asked to design a Cold Aisle Containment solution for the data centre at Fairham House, Nottingham.

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Going with the Flow. May 2011

Cold aisle containment”. What does that actually mean – and is it the right term anyway?  Green IT caught up with Nicky Thompson, business development director, Nubis Solutions, to get her thoughts.

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Nubis Solutions supports the European Union Code of Conduct for Data Centre Efficiency and is awarded Endorser status. March 2010

The European Union Joint Research Commission programme is a voluntary Code of Conduct to raise awareness of the opportunities for energy and cost efficiency that can be realised within the data centre. The Code of Conduct has been created in response to increasing energy consumption in data centres and the need to reduce the related environmental, economic and energy supply demands.

Read Steve Sole’s interview with The Hot Aisle. December 2009

Last week I met with my friend Steve Sole of Nubis who wanted to tell me about the work they have been doing in data centers around improving energy efficiency. Nubis make demountable Aisle Containment systems – they don’t care if it is Hot or Cold Aisle – the objective is to stop the air mixing.

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What is Cold Aisle Containment?

Read our document “What is Cold Aisle Containment?”

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“What is Cold Aisle Containment”

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